Chief Product Officer

Our Client is looking for a CPO, responsible for all product-related matters from product strategy, product conception and development, production in general, innovation, project management and product management. This position includes release management and production. Report directly to the CEO.

  • Have a strong vision for the Product strategy and be able to inspire & motivate the team to work together to execute that vision consistently, rapidly and effectively.
  • Has the overall authority over all product development, including product planning, road-mapping, customer discovery, product discovery, user research and product development process, also serves as a product representative, involved in marketing and selling and communicating product benefits to the public.
  • Builds and leads a strong team of product developers, product owners and designers.  Fulfills managerial roles such as assigning duties, hiring new talent, ongoing coaching employees and evaluating their performance.
  • Responsible for making sure the final product is completely functional and meets customer expectations.


  • At least 10 years of experience in media industry
  • Sound technical background with good customer experience, user experience & user interface experience.
  • Demonstrable success with innovative new capabilities to market on time and on budget that result in commercial success and strong investment ROI.
  • Being able to think strategically and make long-term plans
  • Able to learn from mistakes to drive continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage product development across the teams of product designers and engineers to deliver a constantly improving customer experience.
  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills as this is required to work alongside with other executives and also effectively manage employees.

Job Details

  • $80,000+
  • Hong Kong
  • Permanent


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